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Paternity vs Maternity Testing

Maternity and paternity testing involves collecting and testing the DNA of a small sample of tissue or bodily fluid from a child and the alleged mother or father. Mostly, in both maternity and paternity testing, cells and blood from the inside of the cheek are sampled.   . Paternity vs Maternity   . Determining paternity […]


Can Paternity Test be Covered by Insurance?

The paternity test is a test that is performed to find out whether or not a particular man is the biological father of a child. The test involves taking a DNA sample from the man and the child and examining it to obtain the result. This test can be performed at any time either during […]


What Paternity Test is Admissible in Court?

A paternity test is a kind of genetic test that helps to know the biological father of a child. Be it a custodian, guardian, or mother of a child who might want a child’s custody or visitation right can request a paternity test by the court. Even if the custody is not a problem, the […]


Paternity Test and Child Support

People who are going through divorce or child support case must be familiar with the terms- child support and paternity. Basically, child support is financial support to the children when his/her parents are no longer living together. It is designed to make sure that children have sufficient financial support to meet their finances. Usually, the […]


Can Paternity Test Be Court Ordered?

The Short Answer is ‘YES.’ Every human inherits DNA from their biological parents. Half from his/her father and half from mother. Paternity tests decide the biological father of a child. . When a baby is born to a married couple, the law acknowledges mother and father as legal parents. But when a baby is born […]


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