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We Know Paternity Testing Can Be An Emotional Experience, But We Are Here To Help!


We take pride in providing a warm & friendly environment. Personal attention, privacy and confidentiality are our highest priority!


It’s understood that this is an emotional and uncertain time & we want to make this process as quick, easy and uncomplicated as possible.


You will be provided a peace of mind that the test is performed correctly and accurately by our highly trained medical staff.


Don’t be fooled by the DNA Paternity Testing Kits you see advertised in the local pharmacy that sell for a much cheaper price. There is high chance there will be added lab fee’s.


Feel free to contact us at any time for questions or concerns. We’ll be happy to address any details regarding DNA Paternity testing.


We are located in the South Bay, we’ll be happy to answer any of your concerns regarding DNA testing.


Thank you!




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1. How accurate are your DNA Paternity tests?


Our DNA Paternity Tests are more than 99% Accurate! Rest assured, we provide real results.


2. Are blood cells just as accurate as cheek swab cells?


Even better, not only are cheek swab cells just as accurate, but you can get results without the pain and discomfort.


3. When will I get my test results?


You’ll get your DNA-Paternity results in just 3-5 business days, quick!


4. What if both Alleged Fathers are related?


Although it’s best to test both, it won’t be necessary. We can also test other family members to produce results, but please call in for details.


5. What if the Alleged Father isn’t available?


We can produce results even if the alleged father isn’t available. We can test anyone in the family such as aunts, siblings, etc in order to reconstruct the DNA lineage for accurate results.


6. Can newborns be tested as well?


Off course, in fact, there is no age limit for testing. Our non-invasive cheek swipe is perfect for everyone.


7. What if I can’t afford to pay the entire fee immediately, are there payment plans available?


We understand that unexpected financial difficulties may arise, but we’ve designed an affordable plan. Please call us to inquire.


8. Is your testing center certified?

Our DNA Paternity Testing Clinic is certified and accredited by the AABB (American Association Blood Bank) laboratory. The AABB is the accrediting body for DNA testing laboratories in the United States.


9. Do you perform Pre-Natal Tests?


Unfortunately, at this time, we currently do not perform pre-natal DNA Paternity tests.


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