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Ease your Mind with Los Angeles DNA Paternity Testing

Needing a paternity test can be an emotional rollercoaster and we understand that you are going through an uncertain time. This is why we make it a point to provide you with a warm and friendly environment in order to help you find the answers that you are looking for.

A certified paternity test will determine whether or not a man is the biological father of a child.  If you are involved in a child custody case, child support case, or need to have documented proof that you are the father of a child for wills or social security benefits, a paternity test from a reliable office will provide you with court admissible documents that you will be able to use.

How Paternity Testing Works

Paternity tests are over 99% accurate, which allows you to eliminate any doubts as to whether or not a child is truly yours. These tests only take a few minutes in the office. When you come in for a paternity test you will provide a sample of your saliva. This is obtained by gently swabbing the inside of your cheek with a cotton swab.

The cells from inside your cheek will provide a result that is just as accurate as using blood samples. The cheek swab is much less painful as there are no needles required.

Who Can Be Tested?

In some cases the alleged father may not be available for testing. This is not a problem as any member of his family can be tested including cousins, siblings, parents, aunts and uncles. While using a relative is not ideal, the DNA lineage can be reconstructed using their samples in order to determine whether or not the alleged person is actually the father of the child.

DNA Paternity Testing is Confidential

There is no need to worry about the information from our paternity testing being leaked. American Association Blood Bank laboratories will be used to test the DNA. All information obtained will be kept confidential, and only released to those who have been given permission.

Overall, paternity testing is a fairly simple process that can provide you with the answers that you need about your relationship to a child. The results will be available in less than a week and will provide you with the peace of mind that you have been searching for.

While the paternity tests that are sold in drug stores may seem like a good choice, it is important to remember that the price of the test does not include lab testing fees. In addition, having your paternity test completed in an office will provide you with accurate results that you can trust.

If you have questions or concerns about DNA Paternity Testing Los Angeles, feel free to Call (424) 255-8378 at any time. We will discuss all of the details of paternity testing and make sure that you are comfortable with the procedure.


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